Wind Score application

Wind Score

Developed for architects and urban designers to compare wind performance between multiple design options. Ideal for early design stages.

- Fast setup:
Upload and analyse from 2 to 12 different models.

- Easy-to-read results:
 The score is based on the percentage of wind acceleration around an area of interest chosen by the user.

- Understand Wind Effects: 
Assess the wind dynamics around each model for in-depth analysis in the 3D Viewer.

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In the Wind Score app, the user selects an area of interest which includes the features of importance.

Model 1 Area of Interest
Model 1
Model 2 Area of Interest
Model 2
Model 3 Area of Interest
Model 3

The models are scored according to the average wind speed in the area of interest, and the wind dynamic is visualised using streamlines which can be examined in the report.

Model 1 Mean Velocity
Model 1
Model 2 Mean Velocity
Model 2
Model 3 Mean Velocity
Model 3

The results are visualised in a plot, which makes it clear which model performed best.

Top features of the Wind Score app

Custom wind direction

Pick a wind direction for the analysis: from a traditional wind rose or from an exact angle of your choice.

Select area of interest

Wind Score will rank the wind performance of your models based on an area of interest of your choice.

Visualise wind effects

Access a 3D visualisation of the wind dynamics for each model used in the comparison.

Fast time to result, setup the analysis even faster

Wind Score runs a CFD simulation for each model simultaneously and generates visualisations automatically.

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