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About us
Our vision: Autonomous Computational Design

Our technology will be the cornerstone of Autonomous Computational Design, and enable the birth of products and design that humans can’t even imagine.

A spin-out from cutting edge research

Our innovation is the result of a spin-out from world leading research conducted over more than a decade by a team of researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. In 2014 the team was awarded a grant from the European Research Council with the purpose of commercializing the research.

Ingrid Cloud was founded in 2015, and has been led since then by the CEO and co-founder Sebastian Desand. The vision was at first to create an easy to use, fully automated flow simulation service. That vision has evolved into a vision with more far reaching implications.

Funding and partners

In April 2017, the company successfully raised a seed-round. The investors participating in the round were Karma Ventures, Creathor Venture and KTH Holding. In June 2019 the company raised an additional round welcoming Industrifonden and Fairpoint Capital as investors. In total, Ingrid Cloud has raised approximately 4.5MUSD.

Between 2015-2018 the company has developed the product in close collaboration with pilot customers of different sizes and in different industries. In 2018, the company launched the first public version of the revolutionary innovation Ingrid Cloud. The company is based in Stockholm, situated in the WeWork offices close to the city centre.

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    Ingrid Cloud is a real time saver, and allows me to focus on what really matter, result analysis and design optimisation.

    Angelo Martucci, Building Energy Modeler and Consultant