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Wind Energy
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Ingrid Cloud provides CFD simulation services for the wind energy industry. Our solution provides accurate wind simulations for both onshore and offshore projects contributing to the goal of reducing CO2-emissions.

Our core technology uses groundbreaking algorithms and highly-scalable HPC code to increase both accuracy and speed of high-fidelity CFD simulations.

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With groundbreaking algorithms and highly-scalable HPC code, Ingrid Cloud can optimise wind farming by:

Wind farm screening and optimisation

Ingrid Cloud solvers remove the complexity and manual work involved when conducting a CFD simulation. With our unique intelligent algorithms and parameter-free method, we have developed a user-friendly solution which enables non-experts to start a high-fidelity simulation within minutes. This will lead to the improved optimisation of wind farms.


Optimising the design of wind turbine blades

To design an optimal wind turbine blade that captures as much energy as possible from wind while minimising the need for maintenance and repair, requires a very challenging type of simulation known as Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI). This is something current CFD-software struggles with, which Ingrid Cloud will be able to solve in the future.


Accurately estimating wake and blockage effects

From a modelling point of view, an accurate estimation of the energy losses in a wind farm caused by wake and blockage effects is crucial for the Wind Farm Layout Optimisation problem. Ingrid Cloud can offer an LES (Large Eddy Simulation) model for high-fidelity simulation in an affordable and fast framework.


Coming soon

Ingrid Cloud is developing an automated workflow for Wind Energy simulations. The application will allow for unprecedented optimisation of such flow simulations.

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A great challenge

The high-cost and lack of automation in CFD analysis is a real limitation for some software which demands rough approximations to enable the use of CFD in Wind Energy simulations. Ingrid Cloud’s technology aims to solve these grand challenges by offering a fully-automated solution, which in turn improves the understanding of atmospheric and wind power plant flow physics for wind farming optimisation.

A higher effectiveness of wind farms will lead to better financial incentives for operators, property owners, investors and for nations regulating the business. The International Energy Agency assesses that global offshore wind capacity will increase by 15 times, estimating 1 trillion USD of cumulative investment by 2040. Having highly-accurate simulation methods will significantly increase the return of these investments!



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