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Become a partner to Ingrid

We have developed intelligent algorithms that simulate wind flow and optimize our customers' design. Being a partner to us, means potential growth for you, without the need to add resources.

Become a partner

Do you think Ingrid Cloud could change the way people design products?

If you do, and if you have clients that would benefit from simulating flows with Ingrid Cloud, you might want to consider becoming a partner to us. Offering your clients, and prospective clients, the use of Ingrid Cloud. Our partner model is based on revenue sharing. You get a percentage of the net revenue that your customers generate by using Ingrid Cloud, over a period of 2 years after registering a customer account.

If you are an engineering firm offering consulting services to your client, this could be an alternate or complementary source of recurring revenue. If your customers use Ingrid Cloud, it could also result in more business for you in terms of consulting. If you are a reseller of design software, a partnership could be a natural add-on to your existing customers.


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API-based partnership

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Questions and answers

  • What industry segments are suitable to target as a Partner to Ingrid Cloud?
    Currently we mainly target the AEC-segment (Architecture/Engineering/Construction). But there are a number of other industry segments that could benefit from using Ingrid Cloud. For example, the Automotive industry.
  • How often do we get our share of the revenue/commission?
    Calculations and payout of commission is made quarterly.
  • How will you know which customers came from us?
    You will get a unique registration link which your customers should use when registering an account with Ingrid Cloud. In addition, we recommend our partners to send us an email on a monthly basis with information about new customers that they have acquired.
  • What kind of support do you offer us as a Partner?
    We have marketing material, presentations and other material and documents which you can use in our marketing and sales.
  • Can we offer customer specific discounts to our clients and how will that effect our commission?
    Any discounts must be approved by us prior to the offer. Your commission is based on the sales price less any discounts.
  • How do we become a partner?
    In case you are interested, please fill out the partner application form. We will contact for a discussion and then send you the terms & conditions for the partnership
  • What is an API-based partnership?
    We will develop a customised API (application programming interface) for an external software, in order to run Ingrid Cloud Simulation directly in your client’s interface program.
  • Is there any limitation of how we can market Ingrid Cloud?
    Yes, there are some. Our partners must follow our trademark and marketing guidelines.