Questions and answers

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Using Ingrid Cloud

  • Do I need experience in CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics, in order to use Ingrid Cloud?
    No. Anyone can use Ingrid Cloud.
  • What kind of 3D-models does Ingrid Cloud support?
    • Supported geometry formats are STL, STEP, IGES, DWG, DXF, IFC, IFCZIP, OBJ, ASC, LAS, 3DS
    • The uploaded file will be converted to STL
    • If needed, use your CAD software or plugin to export the geometry to one of the supported formats
    • Removing unnecessary features and details will speed up the simulation time.
  • How long does it take to initiate a simulation?
    It doesn’t take more than a few minutes. You upload the model and set a few parameters. The rest is handled by our intelligent algorithms.
  • I am an experienced CFD engineer with a PhD in fluid mechanics. Is Ingrid Cloud be sophisticated enough for me?
    Ingrid Cloud can meet many needs of an experienced CFD engineer within each specific application. The fully automated work flow eliminates a lot of time which allows the engineer to spend time on analysing the results instead of spending it on setting parameters and refining the mesh. Moreover, each application will have an advanced mode for some parameters of interest.
  • Can I really trust fully automated flow simulations to work? Doesn’t it require the hand of an expert?
    There are, of course, some cases which are not suitable for automation. There will always be use cases which requires hands on work by a CFD expert. Our aim is to introduce automated simulations on area/application at a time, making sure that we have validated the use case against experiments and benchmark cases. This allows us to confidently say that you can trust that our automated simulations are accurate and reliable.
  • Some of our models are highly confidential. Is your cloud solution secure to use?
    Yes, our cloud solution uses high security standards which have been accepted by industry leaders. All of our staff is bound by strict confidentiality governed by contract as well as law.
  • What is the difference between your cloud based solution for CFD Simulations and other cloud based simulation services?
    Most of the cloud simulation services available on the market are based on the open source software Open Foam. Unlike Ingrid Cloud, these services do not offer fully automated high-fidelity simulations. Moreover, they do not enable mesh refinement based on error estimation or scale on thousands of cores.
  • Can I analyse other fluids than air with Ingrid Cloud?
    Yes, while the default is air, you can easily set the viscosity and density in the application to analyse other fluids.
  • Can I analyse aeroacoustics (sound sources) with Ingrid Cloud or is only aerodynamics included?
    Ingrid Cloud will add functionality for aeroacoustic analysis such as sound sources and sound propagation in the future. Let us know if these functions would be valuable to you!
  • I want to compare different designs. Can I do that easily?
    We plan to add this as a special feature, but in the meanwhile, you can just conduct a simulation with each model with the same parameters and compare the results.
  • I need help to analyse the results of the simulation. Can you help me with that?
    Yes, if you contact support@ingridcloud.com, our engineers can provide you with some pointers on how to interpret the simulation.
  • Do I need to prepare the model for simulation? How?
    Depending on the chosen application, there are a couple of instruction you will need to follow to make sure the results will be as accurate as possible. For Wind comfort and Wind load for example, the geometry can't have "floating" buildings. Click here to learn more.
  • Can I logoff from my account or turn the computer off while running a simulation?
    Yes, as a cloud-based solution Ingrid cloud does not use your computer power to performed simulations. Once it has begun, you’re free do log off and a notification will be sent to your e-mail when it’s ready.
  • Do I have to run the simulations myself?
    It's up to you! Ingrid Cloud provides a do-it-by-yourself work flow, where you can set-up a simulation within minutes, but we also provide personalized wind studies and tailor-made reports for our customers. If our existing apps doesn't fit your needs, we will make sure to find a solution.

    To run your own simulations please register an account and upload you model to start a simulation. I need your help, please contact us here.


  • What kind of computational resources does Ingrid Cloud use?
    Ingrid Cloud uses HPC-resources optimally design to conduct high-fidelity flow simulations. These are some of the fastest supercomputers in Europe.
  • Is your method scientifically sound?
    Yes, Ingrid Cloud is based on more than a decade of research at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The method has been published in prestigious and peer-reviewed science journals.
  • How accurate is Ingrid Cloud compared to other available software?
    We have benchmarked our technology against the market leaders and produced more accurate results. Using smart algorithms also eliminates the risk of human error.
  • Have you validated your method and technology?
    Yes, our method has been validated in research, experiments and in benchmark cases. We continuously benchmark our method in workshops organized by NASA and other independent institutions.
  • Can Ingrid Cloud suggest design changes to me or even morph my design based on the result from the CFD simulation?
    Not yet, but we are currently developing computational design capability, which will allow for design optimisation functionality such as automated recommendations and morphing.

Pricing of Ingrid Cloud

  • Are there any fixed fees in your service?
    If you open a free account, there are no fixed or hidden fees. You pay per simulation.
  • What happens if my simulation doesn’t work? Will I still have to pay for it?
    No. If the simulation fails, you won´t have to pay for the simulation. Contact our support team who will help you, or credit you with the tokens used for the simulation.


  • What industry segments are suitable to target as a Partner to Ingrid Cloud?
    Currently we mainly target the AEC-segment (Architecture/Engineering/Construction). But there are a number of other industry segments that could benefit from using Ingrid Cloud. For example, the Automotive industry.
  • How often do we get our share of the revenue/commission?
    Calculations and payout of commission is made quarterly.
  • How will you know which customers came from us?
    You will get a unique registration link which your customers should use when registering an account with Ingrid Cloud. In addition, we recommend our partners to send us an email on a monthly basis with information about new customers that they have acquired.
  • What kind of support do you offer us as a Partner?
    We have marketing material, presentations and other material and documents which you can use in our marketing and sales.
  • Can we offer customer specific discounts to our clients and how will that effect our commission?
    Any discounts must be approved by us prior to the offer. Your commission is based on the sales price less any discounts.
  • How do we become a partner?
    In case you are interested, please fill out the partner application form. We will contact for a discussion and then send you the terms & conditions for the partnership
  • What is an API-based partnership?
    We will develop a customised API (application programming interface) for an external software, in order to run Ingrid Cloud Simulation directly in your client’s interface program.
  • Is there any limitation of how we can market Ingrid Cloud?
    Yes, there are some. Our partners must follow our trademark and marketing guidelines.