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You need to be able to trust that the algorithms being used are widely recognised within academia and verified against benchmarks, which is the case with Ingrid Cloud.

André Agi, Computational Design Architect, Link Arkitektur
Subscriptions give you the best value for the money. In addition to lower prices, you have full access to Ingrid Cloud, with personalized support and training.
Pay-per-use gives you the advantages of paying for exactly what you use. Support service can also be purchased within the platform.
Integrate wind simulations in your design process with our API solutions. Connect Ingrid Cloud to your existing system and/or workflow.

Get the most cost-savings with a subscription account. Advanced support and discounts based on subscription.

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Ingrid Cloud has several automated applications with pre-selected parameters that allow anyone to run reliable wind simulations. Visit the app pages for detailed price information:

Questions and answers

  • Are there any fixed fees in your service?
    If you open a free account, there are no fixed or hidden fees. You pay per simulation.
  • What happens if my simulation doesn’t work? Will I still have to pay for it?
    No. If the simulation fails, you won´t have to pay for the simulation. Contact our support team who will help you, or credit you with the tokens used for the simulation.