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Simulations can model airflow in data centres and make these centres more powerful.

We are producing and collecting more and more data. The value of information is growing. Data centres are an industry of the future. CFD simulations can model airflow in data centres and make these centres more powerful, more power efficient and scalable.

Data center managers can use automated CFD simulations software to model cooling air flow through a server, but also through the room, into a raised floor, through floor tiles, and other parts. They can use CFD to predict “hot-spots,” where the cooling air is not reaching. Having this information managers can decide where to install new power-hungry units, and where to place less utilized units.

CFD software makes operating data centres easier. Thanks to airflow simulations, data center designers and managers can verify the effect of a planned change before it is implemented. In particular, they can:

  • Perform capacity planning.
  • Run virtual stress tests and failure cases.
  • Proactively manage IT growth.
  • Collect insight about the current state of data center.
  • Extrapolate insight to the future state of data center.
  • Optimize cooling – design air-conditioning solution, test different approaches without even touching the equipment.
  • Compare rack and aisle cooling.
  • Distribute cooling evenly – locate colder and warmer areas.
  • Test the equipment they are planning to buy.

Automatic CFD simulation software like Ingrid Cloud can be used directly by data center managers, who can see how different configurations impact airflow and thermal management on data centres and energy efficiency.

Use cases for Data Centres

Capacity planning

Optimize air flow and cooling

Virtual stress tests